ASEAN-Japan Cybersecurity Capacity Building Centre is the physical hub for cybersecurity training for ASEAN Member States with the endorsement of ADGMIN and ADGSOM and funding by JAIF 2.0.


CYber Defense Exercise with Recurrence (CYDER)
3 days program

The course is based on "practical cyber defense exercises (CYDER)" carried out in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan which focuses on the ...

Hands-on Network Forensics
2 days program

The course provides the participants key skills in network forensic techniques including how attackers attack servers in DMZ, how attackers attack client’s computers etc...

Hands-on Malware Analysis
2 days program

The course provides you key skills in Malware Analysis including how to assume the behavior of malware and its impacts by surface analysis, how to identify the behavior...

Cyber SEA Game (ASEAN Youth Cybersecurity Technical Challenge)
3 days program

A Technical contest in the form generally called CTF (Capture the Flag), a special kind of cybersecurity competition designed to challenge its participants to solve computer...