About Us

As the world becomes more interconnected and more devices are linked to the Internet, maintaining a safe and secure environment for citizens and businesses is an enormous challenge for governments, especially when cyber criminals constantly deploy innovative malicious tools to attack unsuspecting targets around the world. Moreover, the shortage of competent cybersecurity experts in the public and critical information infrastructure (CII) sectors further increases cybersecurity risk and exposes nations to potential cyber-attacks that could severely impact social and economic well-being.

The ASEAN-Japan Cybersecurity Capacity Building Centre (AJCCBC) was established under the guidance of TELMIN/SOM in 2018 and funded by Japan ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF 2.0) with the aim to develop a cybersecurity workforce of 700+ over 4 years to enhance the capacity of cybersecurity experts and specialists in the AMS by providing trainings and other activities to participants from AMS.